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My name is Maggie, I am your creative Doula. I trust your birth process. I believe in your body. I support your unique journey into motherhood. This is my joy. I provide conscious, informative, mindful care. Physically I have the ability to guide you through labor, while also fulfilling your mental needs. I believe in empowered birth. This means informed and educated choices throughout your pregnancy and birth. I will be your personal walking talking birth encyclopedia. I specilize in hypno-birth support for those interested in preparing for birth in a relaxed state, allowing for ease and the release of endorphins to aid in a peacful birth. Pregnancy and birth is an inspirational time. A time to be captured and forever remembered. I offer belly casting (plain or painted), henna, and body painting to celebrate your growing belly. With my arts background I am pleased to offer birth affirmation coloring sheets and birth art commissions. I am your creative Doula.

​​Sweet Sparrow Birth Services

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