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I am so glad that we chose Maggie Sharar to be the Doula for our homebirth! She was a great support during my labor and birth, providing so much compassion, encouragement, and positivity. She made sure I was well hydrated throughout my labor and made sure that I ate when I was hungry. She and my Husband worked as an amazing team tending to my needs and making sure I was as comfortable as possible. She also helped with position changes and gave us space when needed. We had Maggie encapsulate my placenta and she also dehydrated the umbilical cord for us to keep. I’m so grateful for everything Maggie did to help make my homebirth a success and for the care she provided at our postpartum visits! We plan to have Maggie as the Doula for our next homebirth and would recommend her to any pregnant woman.


Jessica Castro




Hiring Maggie as my doula was one of the best decisions I've made in my pregnancy. From the first meeting, I knew she shared the same goals as us for our birth experience. She took the time to listen to our plans and hopes, and talked us through our fears. Maggie brought an abundance of positivity and encouragement throughout our time together.

When my pregnancy approached 42 weeks, Maggie subdued my state of panic and offered henna, massages, and acupressure. She knew exactly what to do, because that night I went into natural labor. Maggie drove with us to the birth center, reassuring me that I was doing great, when I started to give in to fear. She stayed well over 24 hours with us as I labored naturally, continually offering encouragement and birth affirmations. She ensured that my birth plan was in place the entire time, and was always there when I needed strength. Even when the talk of transferring to a hospital came up, she helped me to believe I could continue laboring naturally and was confident in my strength. To this day, when I think of my birth story, Maggie is one of the most important forces in helping me realize my goals in becoming a strong, natural mother. 


​​Sweet Sparrow Birth Services

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