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Belly Casting

Henna is such a fun way to celebrate your growing belly. I do belly designs for $60-160 despending on size and detail. Some Mommas enjoy having henna for friends as well as themselves at a baby shower or blessing way. For parties I do henna for $120 an hour. 

For a plain white belly cast I charge $80. I cast at your home or mine. If you want an original design or painting prices vary between $150-300 depending on detail and how lengthy the project it. Mediums to choose from are watercolor, acrylic, and ornate paint marker mandala work.  

Body Painting

Body painting can be on just the belly or other parts of the body creating a truly unique look. Some Mommas ask me to paint them for a professiinal photography session they have booked for prental pictures while some allow me to photograph them. Either way I charge $120 an hour to adorn theur bodies with my professiinal grade non-toxic body and face paint. 

Coloring Sheets

​​Sweet Sparrow Birth Services

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