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Birth Doula Support Package
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My birth doula service includes a free phone consultation followed by an interview. When you choose me as your doula we will then set up at least two prenatal meetings prior to your estimated due date. I like to get these meetings underway by your 37th week. During these meetings we will talk about coping techniques/pain management, labor positions, go over any questions/anxieties, and get to know one another. I will provide information phone call support whenever needed (Yes, this means even at 2am!). I will be on call two weeks prior to your estimated due date. When the time comes I will come to you and provide continuous labor support (this means I do not leave from start to finish!). After the birth I will come to your house for two post partum visits. During these visits we will do a debriefing of the birth and go over any questions or concerns. I will provide lactation support or refer you to a specialist if necessary. It is during this first meeting that I will collect my retainer fee of $300 and a post dated check for the remaining amount.
The Creative Doula Package $2000


This package is for the Mother who wants to celebrate her birth in a visually creative way. I will provide all the elements from my birth doula support package as well as the following: A sacred blessing way, a beautiful henna belly design, a hand painted belly casting in which you take an active role in the design, a full set of my orginal birth affirmation coloring sheets, maternity/birth/newborn photography, placenta prints, and placenta encapsulation. The retainer due with this package is $1000, and the remainder being paid on your post dated check due at our first prenatal meeting.

Placenta Encapsulation



This service has amazing potential benefits to your healing post partum body. The placenta is rich with iron, protein, vitamins, and minerals. More and more there is rising evidence that consuming your own placenta decreases the risk of post partum hemorrhage and depression. While consuming your placenta may seem wild and crazy, there are many cultures that have been doing this for years. I use the Raw Method and Traditional Chinese Method of Placenta Encapsulation. The raw method is the purest form of encapsulation. I simple slice that placenta into small piece dehydrate it at a low temperature for at least 24 hours. Finally I grind it up and encapsulate it. If you choose TCM I will steam your placenta with lemon, ginger, and jalapeño. The next step is cutting that placenta into strips and dehydrating it. After grinding it into a powder I will encapsulate it into easy to swallow vegetarian capsules. For an additional charge I can create a placenta tincure, raw smoothie cubes, and placenta prints. Contact me for any questions you may have.

​​Sweet Sparrow Birth Services

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